Medical – Dental – Ophthalmic

General Medical Care: Volunteers are required to have a thorough physical examination prior to joining an MVSA program. They should also have a general dental checkup, with any repair work done at that time. If a volunteer wears prescription glasses, an ophthalmic examination should also be undergone and new glasses obtained if necessary.

During their assignment term volunteers are encouraged to take care of themselves and seek medical treatment when signs or symptoms indicate.

Volunteers will be registered with the health service of the province in which they serve. Since terms and conditions vary among the provinces the local leadership will have the information that pertains to their unit. Volunteers from Germany are covered through Christliche Dienste and EREINE, although those serving through Christliche Dienste or EIRENE may also apply for Canadian Provincial Health Coverage depending on the province. Christliche Dienste and EIRENE will cover all medical, dental and optical needs that do not fall under provincial coverage.

Dental and Optical:
All volunteers are asked to practice good dental and optical care throughout their terms of service. If a dental or optical need arises within the first year, the volunteer must discuss this with the local leadership. MVSA covers one routine annual dental and optical visit/exam during the second and subsequent years of service. If the dental exam indicates a need for additional dental care - simple fillings for instance - this is covered by the MVSA. If the optical exam indicates the need for updated glasses, the lowest cost glasses will be covered. Additional cost for more expensive glasses will be at the expense of the volunteer. MVSA does not cover the cost of contact lenses. For those who serve a portion of a second year or more, the coverage as will be prorated. (For example, if a person serves 15 months and goes to the dentist after the 12th month, this plan will pay 25% of the expense.)

Pre-existing Conditions:
It is our desire to work with those who have a pre-existing health condition, if possible. In order to do so, MVSA will need a doctor's statement regarding the pre-existing conditions and/or a medical exam. If a medical exam is needed, it will be at the expense of the applicant.

MVSA will cover up to $100 per month on pre-existing conditions. If the medical expenses for pre-existing conditions are more than $100 a month, the local leadership and MVSA will explore with the volunteer ways of raising the support needed to cover these expenses.

Medical coverage is not provided for prenatal and delivery costs. Medical coverage does extend to the pattern of birth control that a married couple chooses.

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