Term of Service

Philosophy: a strength of MVSA is being committed to local congregational outreach for the long term. The longer one is in a community, the more able one is to identify with the joys and sorrows of that community.

Length of Term: the preferred, and usual, length of service is one year. 

Extension of Term: Volunteers who are interested in extending their term of service should discuss their interests with Local Leadership as early as possible. Extensions are not automatically granted, but depend on program considerations.

Short-term Service: On rare occasions, a term of service of less than one year may be arranged. Local Leadership works out the details of a short-term assignment on a case-by-case basis.

Changes in Assignment: Reassignment to a different volunteer position is sometimes necessary because of personal issues or placement needs. Volunteers are encouraged to keep Local Leadership informed of any circumstances  which might necessitate changes to their volunteer assignment. All changes are made in consultation with Local Leadership after a careful review of the program and the needs of the volunteer and the volunteer placement.  On very rare occasions, a vlunteer may be reassigned to a different unit in a different city. If the volunteeer does not have permanent resident status in Canada, moving to a different unit requires an approved application to change the conditions of their Canadian Work Permit. 

End of Term of Service: The MVSA term ends on the date agreed to at the time a volunteer enters the program. Normally, Local Leadership will insure a gap of approximately one week between volunteer terms to allow for necessary house preparations and arrangements to take place.

Voluntary Early Termination: If a volunteer wants to terminate their volunteer position early for personal reasons, they must discuss the situation with Local Leadership. Whenever possible, attempts will be made to find alternatives to an early termination. If no alternatives are found, efforts will be made with all concerned to end the term in a positive way. Volunteers are responsible to cover transportation costs to return home in these situations.

Involuntary Termination without cause: In rare situations, it may be necessary for the Local Leadership or Placement Agency to terminate a volunteer's position early because of program changes. In these situations, Local Leadership will pay for any additional travel costs incurred by the early termination. 

Involuntary Termination with cause: In rare situations it may be necessary for the Local Leadership or Placement Agency to terminate a volunteer's position as a disciplinary measure of last resort because they are not meeting the requirements and/or standards of MVSA or the Placement Agency. In these situations, the volunteer is responsible for any transportation costs home. They are also expected to leave the unit household immediately after termination unless other arrangements have been made with Local Leadership. 

"For no one can lay any foundation other than the one that has been laid; that foundation is Jesus Christ." 1 Cor. 3:11
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