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The volunteer will live simply in a shared household with other volunteers or church members where caring relationships can be affirmed and nurtured. It is expected that the volunteer will develop relationships with the other volunteers and the Lethbridge Mennonite Church community, be open to giving and receiving counsel. While there are differing expectations regarding how one is involved in the local faith community, the volunteer is willing to use his or her gifts and develop a relationship within the expectations of the local faith community.


Develop a relationship with the other volunteers and develop the expected relationship with the local faith community.

Service Opportunity 1

Filled until August 2020

Organization: L'Arche Lethbridge (www.larchelethbridge.org

Title: Resident Assistant

Position: Full time and/or half time

Organization Description:

The L'Arche Association of Lethbridge is part of a worldwide network of Christian communities inspired by teachings of Jesus in the Beatitudes. At the heart of each community are core members with a developmental disability and those who share life with them. The mission is threefold:

  1. to create homes where faithful relationships based on forgiveness and celebration are nurtured;
  2. to reveal the unique value and vocation of each person; and
  3. to change society by choosing to live in relationships of community as a sign of hope

Position Description:

The resident assistant functions as a support to L'Arche residents. Specific duties include a variety of household tasks and interaction with household participants. Participation in the L'Arche community is crucial to a successful experience.


Service Opportunity 2

FILLED until August 2020

Organization: Peak Vocational & Support Services  (www.peaksupport.ca)

Title: Community Disability Services Worker
Position: Full time or Half time

Organization Description:

Peak helps people with disabilities to reach their goals and to reach the most independence in all areas of their lives. We do this by helping them make choices about getting a job, about getting involved in their communities, and about where they live.

Position Description:

The basic function of the CDSW is to endeavor to fulfill Peak’s mission to empower the individuals served to achieve maximum independence in all areas of their lives.  The role of the CDSW is to support and facilitate the development of skills and competencies that will assist individuals to pursue and fulfill their goals, objectives and aspirations.

The Core Responsibilities Include:

Implementing the Individual Service Plans (ISP) designed to support and assist individuals with personal development, community support, behaviour management and/or personal care by assisting, supporting and encouraging individuals to:

·         achieve their personal goals  through the development of basic living and related skills

·         develop personal home living skills

·         advocate on their own behalf

·         participate in a meaningful way in the community activities

The CDSW will act as a social and/or employment role model and coach to assist the individual participate and contribute effectively within the community and/or in an employment or volunteer setting.  This includes assisting and being a role model for employers and others within the social network.  


Service Opportunity 3

Not Available

Organization: Park Meadows Christian Playschool (www.parkmeadows.ca/Playschool

Title: Assistant
Position: Full time or half time

Organization Description:

The Park Meadows Christian Playschool is for children 3 - 4 years old. The children spend 2.5 hours, 2 or 3 times a week at the play school. The playschool is designed to help the children develop socially, physically, intellectually, creatively, emotionally and spiritually.

Position Description:

The Assistant will assisting in setting up and preparing for the different activities of the children; help the children with crafts, clean-up and chores; and clean-up after the program. The full time position is 8:15 am to 3:45 pm Monday to Thursday and 8:15 am to 1:00 pm on Fridays.


Service Opportunity 4

FILLED until August 2020

Organization: Streets Alive Family Support Association (www.streetsalive.ca)

Title: Outreach Programs Assistant: Male Applicants only for safety reasons

Position: Full time

Organization Description:

Mission Statement: Streets Alive is Christian Humanitarian organization dedicated to meeting the physical, emotional, social and spiritual needs of the less fortunate in the City of Lethbridge. The Streets Alive Mission has been in operation for over 15 years and operates a number of outreach programs to families, at risk children, youth and adults.

Full time Position Description:

The Outreach Programs Assistant will be afforded the opportunity of working with two of our outreach programs. They are:

1) Takin’ it to the streets program (Mobile Street Unit): This unit reaches out to street people and to the at risk population of the downtown hotels, providing food and general comfort.

2) The People In Need program (P.I.N Bank) is the heart of Streets Alive Mission. It’s more than just a clothing bank: it gives an opportunity to build relationships with clients,  The warm clothing, clean underwear and dry socks all work together to bring dignity when all seems lost.

Work will also include food preparation working volunteers and other general duties. Some evening work is expected.

Desire to work with at risk people is an asset. Musical abilities are a bonus.


Service Opportunity 5

Not available in Sept, 2019  

Organization: Lethbridge Mennonite Church (http://lethbridge.mennonitechurch.ab.ca/)

Title: Congregational Care Assistant/refugee support

Position: Half time

Organization Description:

Lethbridge Mennonite Church (LMC) is an 83 member congregation, which sponsors the MVS program in Lethbridge. The vision of LMC is to be a loving congregation of healing, hope and peace.

Position Description:

This position is open to either male or female applicants. It is expected that the volunteer will already be a baptized believer and a member of a Christian church. Participation in the congregation is expected.


Under the direction of the pastor, the volunteer will:

  • Work with seniors in the congregation – visiting, playing games, reading, walking, shopping, taking to appointments, etc.
  • Work in support of the youth programs of the church;
  • Supporting refugees the Lethbridge Mennonite Church has sponsored to come to Lethbridge.  This may include things like helping the refugees with shopping, appointments, integrating children into schools, teaching English, and so on.


Although not required, it would be an asset if the volunteer had:

  • An interest in church work;
  • Experience working with seniors
  • Experience working with youth;
  • Good organizational skills;
  • The ability to work independently.


Service Opportunity 6

FILLED until August 2020

Organization: Ability Resource Centre  (www.abilityresource.ca)

Title: Direct Service (Community Rehabilitation) Worker
Position: Full time

Organization Description:

The Ability Resource Centre (ARC) is a division of the Rehabilitation Society of Southwestern Alberta.  The Society is a private, charitable organization, founded in 1953. The Rehabilitation Society's purpose is "to provides supports to adults with disabilities to access opportunities, facilitate individual growth and promote inclusion". The Society operates at two locations in Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada.

Position Description:

The Direct Service worker rotates between four teams, working about 2 months with each team. The general work will involve the following:

  • Direct provision of services for adults with disabilities.
  • Full participation in the development of individuals General Service Plans.
  • Communicate effectively with individuals, families, guardians and other agency staff.
  • Document individual Service provisions according to agency guidelines.
  • Participate in team development sessions and professional development activities.


Service Opportunity 7

NOT AVAILABLE for 2019-2020

Organization: MCC Thrift Store


Position: Full time 

Position Description: Store Assistant

Under the direction of the store manager, the store assistant will work in all areas of the store dependant on skills. This could include the folllowing:


  • Sorting, pricing and hanging donated clothing
  • receiving donations at the back door
  • moving items to correct departments
  • cashier duties - bagging, as well as working cash till 
  • culling clothes once a week
Training will be provided at the thrift store. Customer service is a must.


Service Opportunity 8

FILLED until August 2020 

Organization: Rehoboth Christian Ministries (www.rehoboth.ab.ca)

Title: Production Worker

Position: Full time

Organization Description:

"Rehoboth" is a Hebrew name which means "room" (Genesis 26:22). Just as the Lord "made room" for his people, so also the founders of the Association want to "make room" for people who have been labeled as "developmentally disabled". Rehoboth Christian Ministries exists to declare and demonstrate God's love and grace to people who have been denied full participation in the mainstream of life because of their mental or physical disabilities. 

Position Description:

The The MVSA participant will work alongside adults with developmental disabilities and their staff on greenhouse tasks, woodworking projects, gardening, and grounds maintenance.  They will also be involved in developing and teaching seasonal craft projects.

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