Family Policies

Marriage/Married Couples:
Single volunteers are encouraged to postpone marriage until after completion of their service assignment. When a volunteer wishes to be married during a term of service, he/she should discuss the implications of this decision with the Unit and the local leadership before making definite plans.

Family Additions:
Although the decision to start or enlarge a family is generally a private matter, it will have a major effect on an MVS Unit. Couples are encouraged to postpone plans for having a child (or adopting) until after their terms of service. Couples are, therefore, expected to inform the local leadership of their plans in this regard prior to placement. MVSA covers the cost of birth preventatives for married couples.

In case of pregnancy during an MVS term, planned or otherwise, the couple's relationship to the program will be reviewed.

Couple's Time Out: MVSA recognizes that unit household living puts unusual demands on married couples. Couples are encouraged to seek enrichment for their marriage. This may be in the form of release time (i.e. time away from the household) or attendance at a program such as a marriage enrichment seminar. Interested couples should discuss these options with local leadership. In some locations, couples may live in housing apart from the rest of the MVS unit.

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